Welcome to the UFL Tech Volunteers Online Collaborative Space!

A quick site tour for the uninitiated: Going L to R along the tabbed menu at the top, we've got Home, which is the page you're on now, and which (when you're logged in) has a Dashboard chat that works kind of like a Facebook wall, as well as a space for administrative announcement posts like the one you're reading. 

FAQs are intended for short factual things that come up a lot at the desk and in the lab. 

Resources is for linking, uploading, or embedding teaching resources and other documents of potential use to us in our work, in the hopes of building a library of this stuff that will help both us and the broader community. It can also be a repository for curriculum and teaching aids that we or our classmates make. I've loaded some example stuff in there to show you what it might look like, and those of us working with Ryne on instruction this semester will be finding or creating more materials to populate this section.

Time Sheet is for logging your time spent on the desk, and replaces the previous paper time sheets. You can also export a record of your time worked for the whole semester or for any other time period  you would like.

Stats will hopefully replace and improve upon the paper-based statistics we keep now. It does neat reports, exports to Excel and CSV, and is really flexible. Right now I've just duplicated the paper form, but I'm interested to hear what other categories or metrics you'd like to see in there now that we can do what we want with it all automagically. The rest of the links are really basic.

Calendar is just an embed of the agenda view of our Google Calendar, About is self-explanatory, UFL, is a link to UFL, and Facebook is a link to the new Facebook group.

Please sign up for an account and play around a bit, try posting some things, see if you can break the site or not, and let me know what you think, what works, what doesn't, what other functionality we could use, etc. You can discuss it on the mailing list, comment on this post, post a quick message to the Dashboard, or email jddunn@gmail.com with feedback, bugs, and requests.